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Established by experts in the locksmith industry, 24/7 Fort Wayne Locksmith LLC is known for both emergency and non-emergency residential locksmith services. Providing quick and reliable locksmith solutions for homeowners, you can sleep well at night knowing your property is secured. The company has catered to clients in Fort Wayne, Ossian, New Haven, Huntertown, Garret and other surrounding areas.

Our company has been known as the number one player in Fort Wayne’s locksmith industry. We gained the reputation of providing wide variety of services for a very affordable price. With the help of our trained and experienced technicians, we cater solutions that secure your residential home. And because we believe on what we do, we provide a 90 day guarantee for any of the services we offer with no hidden fees whatsoever.

Our company has been built with the belief that your peace of mind and security as customer is our number one priority. With this in mind, our goal is to provide high quality residential locksmith services that will secure homes of any size. You can also rely on our company at anytime. Regardless if it is the weekday, weekend or even during holidays, you can get the help of 24/7 Fort Wayne Locksmith LLC and we will be responding fast.

We provide residential locksmith services for apartments, recreational vehicles, homes, and other properties. 24/7 Fort Wayne Locksmith LLC has the necessary tools, training and experience in providing both emergency and non emergency cases.

For emergency lock out scenarios, we make sure to provide you with fast and reliable services. During these times, we are extra careful since we know that a person’s safety could be compromised. We offer emergency lockout services whether you have someone locked inside or outside the house. You can guarantee of our availability even in the middle of the night.

Our company only believes in delivering the best of what the industry could offer. We only carry the best brands that we believe, could provide security inside or outside your home. To provide customers the options, 24/7 Fort Wayne Locksmith LLC carries the top brands of locksets for you to choose from.


24/7 Fort Wayne Locksmith LLC integrated the latest technology in the residential locksmith industry. We offer the latest in re-key, lock repair, installation and replacement as part of our services. To adapt to the changing security requirements of our customers, we also provide electronic security products ranging from those that have multi user function to those that make use of biometric locks.

What should you expect from 24/7 Locksmith LLC? Expect only the best in locksmith service. As a mobile locksmith firm, we’ll go to your location fast once you give us a call. We are also providing free estimates to our clients. Regardless if you are living inside a huge estate, or a small apartment, we’ll make sure that your security is taken cared of.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to call 24/7 Fort Wayne Locksmith LLC. We also provide free estimates.


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Types of Locksmith Services We Serve

Automotive Services

01. Automotive Services

Did you lose your key? Perhaps, you locked yourself outside your vehicle? If you are already thinking of forcing your way in to the car, don’t do it just yet. If you are in need of an automotive locksmith service in Fort Wayne Indiana, we are 24 Hour ON for you.

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Residential Services

02. Residential Services

We provide residential services for apartments, recreational vehicles, homes, and other properties to Fort Wayne and surroundings. We have the necessary tools, training and experience in providing both emergency and non emergency cases.

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Commercial Services

03. Commercial Services

Regardless if you have a big or a small business, we offer high quality commercial services that you can depend on. Contact us to get the best commercial services for you business in Fort Wayne Indiana. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Areas Served by 24/7 Fort Wayne Locksmith, Indiana

We cater locksmith services in Fort Wayne, Ossian, New Haven, Huntertown, Garret and other surrounding areas of Indiana.

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